4 Ways To Celebrate Special Occasions In The New Normal

With the current global situation, acknowledging events and festivities will become quite different. Some of the things you normally celebrate may need to be rescheduled or tweaked to fit into the new normal health measures. This is to slow down the spread of the virus and prioritize the safety of the people around you. 

Despite these policies, holidays and traditions need not be cancelled. There are several means and ideas to enjoy and make events memorable, even with all the physical distance. To show you, below are suggested ways to celebrate special occasions in the new normal.

  1. Celebrate With Flowers

Flowers bear deep meanings and are go-to gift solutions for any occasion. Considering this, why not use your resources and skim through online DIY bouquet tutorials?  Flower arrangements are a great way to shower your loved ones with affection despite the distance.

You can opt for seasonal blooms as this offers a more organic arrangement that’s perfect for themed parties, outdoor celebrations, or even as a centerpiece. Because they’re season’s fresh produce, they can last longer and preserve their strong fragrance. This is especially true if you plan to purchase flowers within your locality. While on it, choose a color palette for your arrangement to make the bouquet cohesive and visually satisfying.

Hibiscus Flowers in Florida

Alternatively, if it seems like your skills aren’t up for the challenge, choose flower delivery businesses that can take your gorgeous arrangement on time. If you’re located near the area, you can check out shops and flower arrangements in Boston. You’ll surely be able to paint a smile on your loved ones’ faces if you plan to surprise them. 

  1. Cook Homemade Meals And Bake

No special occasion is complete without wholesome, satisfying food. While it can be easy to order your meals from a nearby restaurant, designing the menu and preparing the food will be more special. It helps you save money, too.

You don’t need to be a great chef to make good food and satisfy your family’s cravings. If you have spare time, you can check out free, online cooking kits and easy recipes. Commonly, these resources have premeasured ingredients and other specifics that can make cooking a breeze.

pensive grandmother with granddaughter having interesting conversation while cooking together in light modern kitchen
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Likewise, although you can’t invite everyone to the venue, you can, at least, send them your cooked meals. In a way, this allows you and your loved ones to feel that they’re celebrating with you from afar. 

Apart from cooking, use this opportunity to bond with the kids and bake pastries. From brownies, to pies and cupcakes, take this time to hone your baking skills. 

  1. Add Your Loved Ones In A Video Conference

Today, it can be risky to commute and expose yourself longer in public places. The number of physical guests you can invite over also needs to be limited in adherence to health measures. However, this doesn’t imply that you could no longer enjoy and cherish family events. 

Thanks to technological advancements and upgrades, you don’t need to compromise your health and safety to connect with your loved ones. Through video and messaging apps, you’re free to host your own virtual party, enjoy your far-away friend’s company, and stay safe.

These platforms have become an avenue for people to bridge communication gaps and celebrate in the new normal. With this, you get to see everyone live, sing happy birthday in chorus, enjoy the meals together, light up the candles, and talk for hours. To complete the experience, set up a digital background that makes you feel like you’re at the event together. 

  1. Recreate Date Nights At Home

If you miss going out with your spouse, you can re-experience those times by scheduling date nights indoors. 

There are tons of date ideas you can try at home. For instance, to celebrate your incoming anniversary, make sure to put on light makeup and wear your favorite dress. Tell your spouse to suit up, too, to make it more special and formal. If you have spare time, learn how to do plate and table setting. Your partner will surely appreciate all these preparations.

Look into the resources around you. Do you have a working projector, speakers, and a white screen?  Take advantage of the summer breeze and set up a cozy cinema area in the privacy and comfort of your yard. Don’t forget to prepare the popcorns to complete the experience.

Simple ideas such as this may make you realize that you don’t need to actually go out to re-experience these special moments.

The Takeaway

The new normal compels everyone to practice physical distancing to help slow the spread of the disease. Despite this, it’s comforting to know that there are still things you can do to acknowledge the occasions that are important to you. By following the ways above, you can enjoy special events with your loved ones and keep indoor parties memorable.

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