5 Ways to Kill Time on a Long Airport Stopover

No matter where you’re headed, a long airport stopover can be a drag. Whether your flights been delayed or you’re waiting for a connecting flight to board, you’ll need to find ways to keep yourself busy while you’re preparing to depart. For inspiration, take a look at these five sure-fire ways to kill time on a long airport stopover:

1. Explore the Area

If you’ve got a few hours to fill, there’s no need to stay within the confines of the airport. Instead, you can step outside and explore the area. A whistle-stop tour of the nearest city or sampling the main attractions will certainly keep you busy when you’re on a stopover. This is a great way to inject some fun into your trip and discover new locations you’d like to visit in the future but do make sure you return to the airport in time to catch your next flight!

2. Play Games

If you travel with a mobile phone or tablet, then you’ve got all you need to keep yourself entertained at the airport, regardless of how long your stopover is. From beating your all-time high score on Candy Crush to playing the best online slot games, there are endless options to choose from. Almost every airport in the world provides access to Wi-Fi, so you’ll have no problems playing games online or downloading apps on to your device. What’s more – you’ll find free charging points in most airports, so you can keep your phone or tablet fully charged and play for as long as you like. 

3. Freshen Up

If you have access to a Business or First Class lounge, you’ll already be aware that there are a whole host of amenities for you to use. However, many airports also have lounges and spas that you can pay to access. A long, hot shower, a relaxing massage, or a rejuvenating skin treatment is the perfect way to break up your journey, rid yourself of jet lag, and get yourself ready for the next leg of your trip. 

4. Grab a Bite to Eat

If you aren’t a fan of aeroplane food, you’ll definitely want to sample some of the spectacular cuisines that are on offer in the airport. You’ll find everything from fine dining to fast food at major airports, so you can treat yourself to whatever you fancy and fill up on your favourite foods while you wait for your flight to be called. While airport bars aren’t known for their budget-friendly prices, treating yourself to a cocktail or a coffee will give you the chance to unwind before you continue on your journey. 

6. Go Shopping

Airports are filled with shops, so use the time you have to do a bit of retail therapy and pick up something for yourself. With duty-free shopping available, you can save yourself some cash and grab some bargains. From cosmetics and perfumes to electronics and clothes, you’ll find a wide range of retail options in any airport. Just make sure you have enough room in your luggage for your last-minute purchases!

Planning a Stopover on Your Next Trip

Many people try and avoid airport stopovers when they’re planning a trip, but they can actually offer a lot of benefits. If you’re able to break up a long flight into two shorter journeys, you’ll have the chance to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, for example. Furthermore, incorporating a stopover into your journey can mean you’ll get cheaper airfares and have the chance to experience a whole new destination! 

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