Travel as a Lifestyle: Destinations That Were Discovered During the Pandemic

COVID-19 put severe limitations on tourists. However, those who consider traveling as their lifestyle discovered new places to visit in 2020 and 2021.

Travel as a Lifestyle: Destinations That Were Discovered During the Pandemic

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world is huge. After the outbreak in late 2019, the coronavirus changed the way people work, shop, and travel. The majority of popular and time- tested destinations became unavailable for tourists due to international restrictions and

That was the golden time for good but less known places to come out from the shadows. Both
summer and winter seasons of 2020 brought worldwide tourism fame to less common countries and regions, which were even more exciting for travelers to visit. Couples and families on vacations, students ordering their argumentative essay from Superbgrade to get additional time for traveling, senior citizens willing to get new impressions relatively safely, and many more people were leaving for their unforgettable experience to sites they might consider strange and not worth attention even a year ago.

Here below, you’ll find some of the regions and countries deserving your visit without a doubt. And the significant increase in the number of tourists arriving there is the best proof. So, students, it’s time to entrust all your papers to Proessays, pack your bags, and leave for
unknown lands.


Montenegro is a friendly and small country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeast Europe. It was
relatively popular among European tourists before the COVID outbreak, so there is a well-
developed infrastructure of services and resources to provide travelers with comfort and
pleasure. Tourists like Montenegro for the opportunity to see the beauty of nature at affordable prices.
Montenegro is situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is warm and green. So, bathing
seasons here are long for Europe: they start at the end of May and last till September.


Albania is another Balkan country (bordering Montenegro to the northwest) you might want to
visit. The coolest thing is that Albanian tourism began its development not so long ago. So, a
traveler can see a “native Albanian” culture and manners of the locals. They haven’t yet
changed in a way typical for states that have tourism as their significant budget income source.
Locals are friendly, and there are not too many guests. Clean seawater, neat beaches, and
great mountain landscapes will become excellent backgrounds for your rest. The weather in
Albania is sunny and warm almost all the time. In summer, it’s dry there so that you won’t have
problems with local heat. Albanian prices are relatively low, and it is a nice place to rest with
your family or friends. Which of the two seas should you choose? Adriatic will suit to spend a vacation with children because the sea isn’t too deep there, water is warm, and beaches are mostly covered with sand. The Ionian Sea is known for its picturesque harbors. Tourists compare the Ionian beaches of Albania with those on Seychelles: the fine white stone, which you won’t differ from the sand, covers them. Albania can offer various hotels and services for any taste and price. Tourist impressions and. feedback about Albania become better year after year, and many guests say they would be happy to come back there soon.


Tanzania was not that popular before the outbreak due to the strong competitor present nearby: Turkey. To visit this country, a tourist may require a visa that they can get on arrival for only 50 dollars. Additionally, Tanzanian authorities canceled coronavirus testing for tourists, and there is no
quarantine as well. After you arrive, they’ll check your body temperature and ask you to fill out the short questionnaire. In case suspicious symptoms are revealed, a traveler will be asked to pass a test and then get isolated for two weeks if the test is positive. The price of a test is 100 dollars. Travelers say one is bound to get unforgettable impressions from Zanzibar in Tanzania and its beaches if they choose the coast and the hotel thoroughly. And yes, don’t forget to take cash with you: they accept cards only in hotels. Zanzibar is a place for spas (this service is available in almost all hotels), snorkeling, and diving. The capital city of the island, Stone Town, is worth visiting for sure.


Mexico has no restrictions for tourists at the moment. They only ask you to fill in the form about contamination factors for the border service. After that, if no risky cases are revealed for you, you are free to enter the country and travel through it however  you want. The warm and sunny Cancun, which is among the world’s best resorts, became known among

American tourists long ago but became much more wanted by them in 2020. The year 2021 promises to be profitable for Mexicans there, too. Mexico has many more places for you to see, a lot of local dishes to taste, and entertainment opportunities to experience.

Bonus: Domestic Tourism

It’s a worldwide trend since 2020, too. Think about that: how well do you know the surroundings of your city, state, or country? No matter how large its territory is, your native land can surely surprise you for good. Moreover, many governments all over the world began stimulating domestic tourists financially.
So, consider this opportunity. You can get the wanted traveling impressions without even crossing the border, and almost for free. Isn’t it great?

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