Where to Stay on Your First Post-Pandemic Holiday

There’s no question that any business related to the travel and tourism industry has suffered losses over the past year. With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing people from crossing borders, many travel agents, transportation companies and hotels have been struggling to survive.

You may be wondering where you’ll stay if you go on your next holiday once restrictions relax. The good news is that not all brands have perished, and there are still excellent housing options to consider. Here are a few elements that will make your next trip better than you imagine.

All the Amenities You Need

During the pandemic, accommodations that were available often had to cater for people who wanted to book a longer stay. This wasn’t necessarily for holidays, but rather to be closer to family, since travel restrictions made it difficult to plan short visits to loved ones. This meant that many housing vendors had to make sure that services, like good Wi-Fi, were available and functioning optimally. Now, if you’re planning a simple holiday in the coming months, chances are that you’ll have more quality services than before the pandemic. 

Multiple Venues to Stay In

Alternative services such as short term housing have been popular over the past few months, since a fully furnished home is a practical solution when wanting to be close to loved ones. These vendors in many locations across the globe are therefore still in operation and able to help you even for a short holiday. 

Cheaper Than You Think

Even though the tourism industry took a hard hit, don’t assume prices will skyrocket. Since companies need to attract customers, prices are lower even than at the start of 2020, making it more affordable to book your dream holiday. 

Some studies claim that the price you’ll pay for accomodation is as much as 17% lower than before the COVID-19 crisis started. You may be able to upgrade your visit to a nearby holiday resort to an idyllic island experience, as long as the travel plans are allowed under current pandemic restrictions and dependent on the travel recommendations of the area you aim to visit.

Specials Abound

An added bonus when planning your next holiday is the abundance of special offers you’ll find from travel and accommodation vendors. This makes it important to not necessarily stick with your usual plans and travel agents. Do your own research and browse online for discount rates that will help you do more with your available budget. 

More Places Opening All the Time

You still need to be careful and adhere to social distancing rules as required by the location you’re in, but don’t feel too limited about where you’re allowed to travel. More places are once again opening their borders, from South Africa to attractions in India. Keep your ear to the ground so you stay informed about your options.


Do you need a quick break away or do you plan a long holiday to recuperate after a crazy year? Thanks to practical housing options it’s possible to get away at an affordable price and enjoy the luxury vacation you’re dreaming about.


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