What Can You Put in a Gift Hamper

Gift hampers make for some truly amazing gift ideas and the beauty of them is that there really is no limit to what you can fill them up with. In terms of gift hampers Sydney has a huge array of companies which offer delivery, and even if you buy from a company you can still choose exactly what goes inside yourself. Naturally the contents which you all the hamper up with will depend on who exactly that hamper is for and when personalizing it here are some ideas which you may wish to consider for items to place inside your delightful hamper.


The key to doing a hamper well is variety and the best place to start is with some alcohol, and there of course is a great deal of options for you there. More often than not the best types of drinks for a hamper are things like champagne or local wine, perhaps even some artisanal beer. Avoid going for some store bought cabaret sauvignon as it will end up bring the classiness of the hamper down a notch or two, keep it quirky and niche.


Well dang if you are going to be packing some alcohol into the hamper then the perfect compliment would be some tasty chocolates, rich in decadence. The theme of a gift hamper should be glamour and luxury and that is just why we need some delightful and delicious chocolates inside.

Beauty Supplies

Another nice addition to a gift hamper is some beauty supplies and they also make for a nice break from food and drink. don’t go overboard here, just some small touches which you think the recipient would like, and most importantly that they are going to use. Don’t invest in some concealer if you are unsure of their color, opt instead for some hydrating face cream or a wonderful set of bamboo brushes.


Non-perishable snacks are another great idea for a gift hamper, and much like the alcohol you should aim to buy some niche and quirky options here. Nuts and olives make for a great addition, especially because you can buy them in small jars which won’t take up too much space in the hamper, leaving room for more goodies.

Personal Gadgets

Finally you could look to add some little handy gadgets into the hamper such as some high quality nail clippers or perhaps a sleek phone case. There is room for many things in the hamper which is why the addition of a little personal gadget will go down very well, and add to the diversity inside the hamper.

Anyone on the receiving end of one of these hampers is bound to be overjoyed at the thought which you have put in. Spend the time on getting this right in order for your gift to have the absolute maximum impact. There is so much to choose from here, just make sure that whatever you pick screams luxury and love.

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