Surprising facts about Perth airport parking in 2020

Perth is a national and international airport located in the city of Perth, Western Australia, a few kilometers east of central Perth,and is one of the most popular airports in Australia it is the 4th busiest passenger airport of Australia. The official IATA code of Perth airportis PER. It can easily be accessed by the large roads that intersect at the airport.

Airport parking is one of the most important features to consider at any airport. Indoors or -outdoors, long-term or short-term, any parking lot must ensure security and safety of your property.
Perth airport parking options provide the safest and reasonable parking deals for both international and domestic travelers. Perth airport parking is feasible for all travelers.

Interesting facts about airport Perth and its parking services

Perth airport parking has both “Meet and Greet services” and “Park and Ride” option

With the meet and greet service, you do not have to go through the hassle of finding a parking space and parking yourself. A professional driver will do the job for you. In the park and ride option, you can drive your car to the car parksyourself. Here, you will also be taking a free shuttle to airport.

You can use both short-term and long-term parking services

Nearly all passengers to any airport come by car along with their luggage. Getting parking at the airport is the best options for all because it greatly reduces the distance between the parking lot and the airport.

At Perth airport, you can park for both short-term and long-term. Deals for both are feasible.

Parking at Perth, the parking rate is constant regardless of the terminal you will be using. The short-term parking is free for the first ten minutes. For the first hour, it is $14 after which it increases with time to $322 for a week.

Long-term parking options are equally reasonable. The rate is $28 for the first day increasing with time, up to $215 for 15 days.

The airport parking is the closest you can get to the airport

Turning to other surrounding airports is an option but Perth domestic airport parking is the closest you can get. The airport parking is very close and by using this parking facility, you can save a lot of your precious time.

Parking at the Perth airport parking is safe as it can get

The parking lot has CCTV cameras and round-the-clock surveillance. The 24/7 security can guarantee security and relieve you of a great deal of tension.

Perth airport parking is easy to use

The fact that the airport is small and compact makes it very easy to navigate. You will everything to be straight-forward and easy to use.

Under all the pressure of awaiting your flight and getting aboard on time, one does not need a confusing layout to add to the pile of worries!

Most other airports are much more spacious, but surprisingly, Perth airport has made it to the top of the list of the busiest domestic airports. It is perhaps this user-friendliness that makes it so popular among the residents.

Parking is ideal for international terminal users

At the short-term parking for the international terminal, there are special lanes designed for picking up or dropping off passengers.

These services are also ideal for business travelers as it can provide parking spaces close to check-in counters. The best part is that the car park is only at a walking-distance from the terminal.

The long-term parking space, on the other hand, is located further away and to reach the check-in terminal, shuttles are required. These are still a better option for those who wish to park their car for more than a day as they are cheaper than the short terms options.

Buses will be coming to the parking space every ten minutes, on all days and both during the day as well as the night. With over 4000 spaces, this long-term option will be ideal for anyone who wants a parking space for more than a day.

Its feasibility also extends to domestic users

There are four service options for travelers on domestic flights. The short-term parking space is very close to the terminal which helps save a lot of time.

These are also reasonable options. Parking for the first 15 minutes is free of cost.

The long-term parking can be accessed by free shuttles. Here, there are over 6000 spaces and it stays open 24/7. You can catch a bus every ten minutes.
There is also a “Fast Track Business Parking” designed specifically for business travelers. This provides convenient premium services that are quite popular among the business elite.
The “Park and Wait” is for motorists who need to wait for passengers. It has 50 spaces and one can use a space for 90 minutes.

Perth airport parking generates donation funds

The “Park and Wait” requires that the user make a donation upon entry. The revenue generated from this is given as charity funds to Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Youth Focus. The airport is thus also active in charity work and social welfare.

There is also a general terminal parking space

This regional parking space is safe and secure with regular patrols and CCTV equipment. For one hour of parking here, you have to pay not a penny! One day costs $10.

There is also a disabled car parking bay at all the car parks

These parking bays are open to motorists who possess the ACROD parking permit.

Perth airport is surrounded by many unofficial airport parking options

If you plan on using an alternative parking option, the central location of Perth airport means that you can choose between many other, equally appropriate, options.

These airport parking spaces are reasonable, more economically inexpensive as compared to Perth airport parking, and will free shuttle services.

Some of these parking spaces also have car wash and wax services. A few of these provide a free complimentary car wash and vacuum option for a stay of more than 3 days. Both indoor and outdoor parking spaces are often available for both international and domestic travelers.

Some of these also offer special private car parks where you can be certain that the car is very closely monitored.
Perth airport parking options and deals are therefore ideal for use for both international and domestic travelers.
While you are away on a holiday, you can trust the professionals to ensure that your car is safe. From the range of options available for parking at the Perth airport, you can easily find the one best suited to your requirements.
Airport parking decisions including deciding between the offered deals is indeed a difficult task but with Perth airport parking services, you have nothing to worry about. With the guaranteed round-the-clock surveillance, you should not have to be plagued with worry anput your property. It will be in safe hands.
Perth airport parking services are the best you will find anywhere. These facts about the airport parking should be sufficient to convince you to turn to this option the next time you travel using Perth airport.

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