VIDEO: Our Silly Day at Universal Orlando

Hello/What in the world is going on?

December has already been one heckuva busy month. We launched our annual gift guide giveaway and had guests visit all the way from Bolivia! Add to that Christmas shopping, tea parties, Angie’s office remodeling, holiday festivities, etc. and you can imagine we’re ready to put the CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS sign on the door.

It’s only December 14.

Plus, Angie and I have been preparing non-stop for 2018. Updating media kits, creating project briefs, writing scripts, discussing campaigns with brands, pitching ideas, chatting with destinations about adventures, planningPlanningPLANNING. And, as I’m sure you’ve heard (because we’ve been working on this for YEARS), we are FINALLY starting to film The Jet Sisters show! The timing is perfect and we are thrilled to share our love of travel with you in a whole new way.

So yeah, life is crazy. But we know when to put away the laptops and take a break. A few weeks ago, we took a day off to frolic around Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. You already know how much we LOVE the Universal parks (enough to work there AND play there), and if we could go everyday we would. (I actually kinda do, since I live next door!)

And I realllllly wanted to try out my new DJI Osmo camera. We are still learning how to use it, but I’m happy anytime I can combine all my favorite things (Universal, sister time, filming) into one day. (If you guys have any tips/tricks on handling the Osmo, let me know!)

Check out this super quick glance at our day off at Universal Orlando Resort!



Stay tuned for a few more posts from Angie before we get to midnight on Dec. 31. Somehow she’ll churn them out like she always does, even as we hole up and prepare for all the amazing things on deck for 2018. Wish us luck! It’s a HUGE SCARY step to film a show, but we’ve never been more ready.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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