When Plans Go All Wrong… and It Ends Up All Right

A history of Angie Away’s most adamant declarations:

  • 2000. I’m leaving this one-horse town and never coming back.
  • 2015. Hey! I’m back.
  • 2004. I love writing so much, I want to do it forever and ever. Day in and day out, I just want to fill page after page with words. The comforting clack of my fingers flying over the keyboard will be my security blanket and my daily bread. Oh, what a dream it would be to get paid to write!
  • 2015.  I don’t think I really love writing. I love having written.
  • 2006. I never want to live anywhere but New York City.
  • 2015. I’m genuinely surprised at how ok I feel about not living in NYC anymore.
  • 2010. I will never get tired of traveling and living out of a suitcase! Nomadic life forever! Anyone who says they’re tired of traveling is crazy.
  • 2015. I don’t know how I ever lived as a nomad for all those years. Perpetual travel is exhausting.
  • 2007. I don’t see why anyone would ever get married. Men are real butt-heads.
  • 2015. I’m getting married!

 If the only constant in life is change, I’m as constant a person as ever there was.

As I write this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that my plans almost never go the way I think they will. Considering the unbelievable and unlikely way my life has turned out, it might surprise you to know that I was never a huge dreamer. I actually have a tendency to think way too small about the future, about my capabilities and about what is possible.

ANGIE 1983ish

ANGIE 1983ish – rocking that telephone.

ANGIE 1985 was furious that her parents brought home a screaming baby brother hell bent on terrorizing her.

ANGIE 1990ish (I'm the nerd 2nd from left)

ANGIE 1990ish (I’m the nerd 2nd from left)

ANGIE 1990 was preoccupied with DuckTales and the series finale of ALF.

ANGIE 1989ish

ANGIE 1989ish & aforementioned screaming little bro. He turned out ok.

ANGIE 1995 dreamed of moving to New York one day, but figured stuff like that just doesn’t happen to small town nerds with hideous glasses, matching multi-colored braces and a DJ Tanner-inspired sense of fashion.

ANGIE 2003ish. Sorority Woodser.

ANGIE 2003ish. Sorority Woodser.

ANGIE 2000 swore that she had met “The One” and they were going to be together forever. She couldn’t wait to get married and support his lofty career aspirations.

ANGIE 2009. Smiling but this was truly the worst day of my career. A story for another day.

ANGIE 2009. Smiling but this was truly the worst day of my career. A story for another day.

ANGIE 2005 was convinced that working at a public relations agency would put her in an early grave or some sort of mental institution.

ANGIE 2010

ANGIE 2010

ANGIE 2010 quit her PR job in NYC to travel the world for one year, with the intent to return to NYC and pick up at another PR agency to carry on the fabulous, busy, single life of a big city publicist.

Welcome to ANGIE 2015

Welcome to ANGIE 2015

Present day ANGIE 2015 is really glad God’s plan has been so much better and more fulfilling than anything she could’ve imagined for herself.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

As you may have guessed, the reason for all this bloggie life introspection, is that I’m engaged and I never, ever thought I would be. For so many reasons, I never thought I’d want to join forces with anyone else. Commitment has never been my thing. Signing a lease for a year gives me hives…  booking a flight more than a month in advance makes me sweat.

So yeah, marriage – the ultimate commitment – is something I just never imagined happening to me. When we met, my sweet fiancé was more likely to chew off his own arm than propose to his roommate’s bossy older sister who was never in town longer than 3 days and had a job he couldn’t really figure out. And me? I was the last woman in the world who was going to date my little brother’s roommate – much less marry the guy. I was far too busy and nomadic and selfish for all of that nonsense.

All at once I’m shocked that we’re actually getting married, and also kinda face-palming because – OF COURSE WE’RE GETTING MARRIED. Now that it’s all sorted out, it’s so clear that God has been at work in this seemingly convoluted story the whole time.

I’m so glad so many things I never thought would happen or could happen have happened.

2015 ANGIE & 2015 RICK.

2015 ANGIE & 2015 RICK.

Coming soon, I promise to share our funny meet-cute story… the one I don’t remember, whoops… and then the one years later where I actually noticed my handsome, tall-drink-of-water from New York.

The good news for all you travelers is that Angie Away is NOT going to become a wedding blog — travel + lifestyle will still be boss. BUT, I only get to do this once so you may see some wedding-related stuff around these parts, especially if we opt for a destination fiesta. I’ll label those posts accordingly so if you’d rather turn away, you can and it won’t hurt my feelings.

In the meantime…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I have a wedding to plan and about 3 international trips to go on and dresses to say yes to and a fiancé to gaze at incredulously and something called work I should be doing but I can’t because I’ve been in a Pinterest black hole since we got engaged… if you have tips for destination wedding planning, guest list narrowing or you know, having a long, wonderful marriage, please let me know in the comments!

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  • February 27, 2015

    Still enjoying your enthusiasm, and congratulations to you and YOUR Rick. Hope the whirlwind of planning and prep doesn’t beat you up too bad! After 35 years of marriage (and a few pre-marital counseling sessions as a pastor), I strongly recommend The Five Love Languages (Chapman) – knowing both your own and your spouses native love language will enrich your lives AND possibly save you a huge amount of grief. I also have found Before You Plan Your Wedding…Plan Your Marriage (Smalley) a big benefit to more than one young couple. Among the nuggets I often share with soon-to-be marrieds: Fight Fair (don’t fight dirty); Be Generous with Grace (don’t attribute the worst motives to your partner); Laugh Often (a merry heart is good medicine!)
    Be blessed in every way!

    • March 03, 2015

      Thank you! We have read the Five Love Languages – can’t imagine how many marriages that book has helped! And I’ll add the other one to my reading list, which is growing by the day. Thank you as always for reading and chiming in =)

  • February 27, 2015

    CONGRATS! That’s so fabulous and I can’t wait to read about the whole story! I already want to know more….how long have you been together…where will you be living etc etc 🙂 Glad that even a perpetual-but-home-base-loving-adventurer-and-independent can find love. Gives the rest of us out there hope 😉

    • March 03, 2015

      If it hadn’t happened to me, I’d still be convinced nomadic-adventuring-independent women were mostly destined for the solo life. But it would appear there are exceptions! Details to come!

  • February 27, 2015

    Congratulations! So happy for you!
    It’s amazing how things can change in just a few short years. Wishing you all the best!

    • March 03, 2015

      Thank you! Seems like things have changed much the same way for you in the same time frame. I love following your foodie adventures with your fella!

  • February 27, 2015
    Nikki Smith

    Congrats Angie!! If you find a church offering The Marriage Course http://www.alphausa.org/Groups/1000056818/The_Marriage_Course.aspx#.VPEWSmQ8LCQ, take it with your fiancé! We did it after 8.5 years of marriage and both of us agree we wish we had taken it as a premarital course. It is a perfect way to get conversations going about all aspects of marriage.

  • February 27, 2015

    Congratulations! Such a sweet post! (and destination weddings are totally great)

  • February 28, 2015

    Huge congratulations to you guys!!! Traveling with your husband is definitely awesome (I can promise that from experience!) and I know you guys will have so much fun together!! Best wishes!

  • March 01, 2015

    Congratulations Angie! I am SO thrilled for you. I’ve got my money on a destination wedding.

    It’s funny how life takes is in completely different directions than we imagined for ourselves. But God always has a plan, even when it’s hard to remember that in the times when you feel down.

  • March 01, 2015

    Congratulations to you and your fiancé! It’s so funny the way life works out and things happen in the ways you least expect. The way you shared your announcement was very fun!

  • March 02, 2015

    I LOVE THIS. This is a perfect reminder for me – something I need at this very moment — that time is your best friend and your biggest supporter. I am so very happy for you and look forward to more beautiful stories to come. One day, we shall celebrate together!! xoxo

  • March 06, 2015

    I think I know exactly what happened to 2009 Angie. Does the Bahamas come into play?

    Also, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have blocked off the whole month of October and can’t wait to celebrate YOU and finally meet the one who stole your heart!!!!

  • March 06, 2015
    Aimee Masters

    Hi Angie I’m married to Charles Masters your relllie from Jax – anyway Charles and I just celebrated 25 years by renewing our vows in St Lucia at a small off the beaten parh resort called TI KAYE – it was beautiful and the renewal ceremony was beautiful! The staff was wonderful food great and we booked a private cottage with pool which I recommend – you can get hair, makeup and pic all arranged by staff- really a trip of our lifetime!! Congratulations! My only tip is keep God central and HE will help you walk through life together!

  • March 20, 2015
    Tiffany W.

    Congrats! I’m so excited for you!

  • March 30, 2015

    Loved this post! I often feel that people don’t like to admit they’ve changed their minds on things they once felt so strongly about. Especially if you’re a blogger. But God has a way of working things out and shaping our lives better than we ever could have imagined! Thanks for the honesty and congratulations on your engagement! 🙂

  • April 28, 2015

    This may be too late but I want to congratulate you guys!

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