Crowdsourcing Our Honeymoon: Tell Us Where to Go!

Where does a globetrotting world traveler honeymoon with her hunky new husband?

It’s the question everyone’s been asking and I still don’t have a good answer, other than on some sexy beach, somewhere.

Neither Rick nor I are interested in much sightseeing during that week, if you get my drift, so big cities are out. We’re hoping for peace & quiet, luxurious but laidback accommodations, privacy, relatively few kids, some casual water activities – fishing, SUP, kayaking – and long stretches of beach with palm trees & hammocks. Mega-resorts can be a ton of fun and all-inclusives have their benefits, but ideally we’re on the hunt for a more intimate experience on this particular trip.

I’m hoping if I spell out some of my thoughts on a few top destinations, you guys might be able to help us choose? Here are my 5 regions and a few options in each. Your thoughts & suggestions are appreciated!

Snorkeling in Treasure Cay... not such a bad place to stay and honeymoon, right?

Snorkeling in Treasure Cay… not such a bad place to stay and honeymoon, right?

A. The Bahamas

Our destination wedding is already in an exotic location at the Bahama Beach Club on Treasure Cay, so for so many reasons, it makes sense to just settle in there for a week after all our guests go home. We could also hop to another island in the country, but since we’re getting married at the end of what’s considered the off-season, most of the quintessential honeymoon properties I’d consider are closed. Tiamo Resort, which has changed a lot since my last visit in 2007, & nearby Kamalame Cay and Green Turtle Club on Green Turtle Cay are all shuttered then. SAD EMOJI.

Fowl Cay Resort in the Exuma island chain

Fowl Cay Resort in the Exuma island chain

I checked on availability at ultra-swanky & secluded Fowl Cay Resort, where each cottage on the private island comes with its own boat to explore the Exuma island chain, but it’s not available either. There are still a handful of Bahamian options though, like the adorable EMBRACE Resort & Spa on Staniel Cay and even some of the boutique properties in bustling Nassau, like the historic pirate mansion Graycliff or the colorful Compass Point Beach Resort. With 700 islands to choose from, of course we’re considering options on Eleuthera, Harbour Island (pink sand beach, hello sexy!) and Long Island, too.

Compass Point in Nassau

Compass Point in Nassau

It’s not as simple as you might think getting around within The Bahamas, so while staying in Treasure Cay would be the absolute simplest choice, other islands would require another flight or two.

B. Florida

I take for granted that I live in one of the loveliest U.S. states, and millions of people save money for years to travel here while I spend all my money traveling elsewhere. It’s silliness! I never considered honeymooning at home – that doesn’t quite fit with my lifelong dream of a truly exotic, far-flung, once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but from a practical standpoint, a Floridian honeymoon would save us tons on airfare and the return wouldn’t be such an exhausting slog back after weeks away.

The dock at Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada

The dock at Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada

The Florida Keys have quite a few options I’d consider, like Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada, where we spent Rick’s birthday in 2013, the villas at Hawks Key Resort on Duck Cay or Casa Marina on Key West, with their signature “toes-in-the-sand” dining experience. I’ve also recently come across the gorgeous bungalows at Little Palm Island Resort, featuring private decks, fire pits, beaches, outdoor bamboo showers and hot tubs – a few key ingredients that would certainly make for honeymoon memories. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

Little Palm Island - that bungalow looks awfully romantic, doesn't it?

Little Palm Island – that bungalow looks awfully romantic, doesn’t it?

Plus we could splash out on a killer suite at the Fontainebleau in Miami on the way home for a change of pace from the tropical, casual Keys. It’s not exactly intimate, but I had a blast there at the iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party a few years ago. And there’s always the Emerald Coast, with water every bit as turquoise as The Bahamas in Destin and South Walton. Between the Gulf Coast, South Florida & The Florida Keys, there are actually enough beachy, luxurious options to be both easy & luxurious — all in my own backyard!

C. Caribbean

If we decide to leave The Bahamas & Florida behind in favor of a more exotic experience just a smidge further away, the entire Caribbean opens up – and this is where analysis paralysis takes hold! We’d definitely have to make a few connecting flights from The Bahamas so it will be expensive and possibly time-consuming to get to, but suddenly there are lush green mountains, infinity pools overlooking coves where pirate ships once anchored and sailing excursions to world famous beach bars to look forward to. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? 

Jade Mountain in St. Lucia - have you ever seen such a beautiful view?

Jade Mountain in St. Lucia – have you ever seen such a beautiful view?

At the top of my list: Jade Mountain in St. Lucia, which any fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette will recognize from the most dramatic rose ceremonies EVER; the glorious Belle Mont Farm/Kittitian Hill in St. Kitts, a property I fell in love with while it was still under construction; and Scrub Island in the British Virgin Islands, a 230-acre island resort with hillside villas, a spa and private beaches for picnics & smooching.

Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands

Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands

And there are dozens of islands I’ve yet to visit – Barbados, Nevis, Martinique, Tobago, Montserrat… the options are as endless as the beaches, and since the Caribbean is my favorite region in the world, I’ve fallen right down the rabbit hole!

D. Hawaii

The insanity that’ll likely accompany the week leading up to the BIG DAY has mostly made me rule out Hawaii, but it’s been a couple of years since my last stint on Kauai and like clockwork, Bali Hai is calling me back with its unmistakable pull. While a 10-hour+ flight is not ideal, I know I’d forget all about it once I was back in Hanalei Bay. I usually rent a home or condo when I visit, but I’ve always dreamed of staying at the St. Regis Princeville, where the sunsets are just plain magical & the view is everything you could ever dream of.

St. Regis Princeville on Kauai's North Shore

St. Regis Princeville on Kauai’s North Shore

To make things new again, we could add another island to the mix after visiting all my favorite spots on Kauai. I’ve always wanted to stay at the Grand Wailea Resort and the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui, and Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island is a draw… but then again, the frenetic itinerary planner who lives inside me is getting away from the main point of the honeymoon. It’s not hiking, am I right?

The Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui

The Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui

E. Far Flung

Flying for 36+ hours after a week in The Bahamas with all our relatives (plus 8 months planning a wedding & dealing with the never-ending drama that is Silver Airways) is probably not the best idea, but you guys — OVERWATER BUNGALOWS. It’s everyone’s dream honeymoon, right? I’ve never been to the Maldives or Bora Bora, and they both have everything Rick and I want in a honeymoon. Privacy, lush backdrop, balmy weather, clear water, and did I mention – OVERWATER BUNGALOWS?! If only Florida or the Caribbean had similar accommodations, I think I’d have my answer.

St. Regis Bora Bora - if we honeymoon here, we may never come back

St. Regis Bora Bora – if we honeymoon here, we may never come back

My far-flung honeymoon wishlist includes the Baros Maldives, with its palm-thatched villas, a blue lagoon and sandbank dining – a.k.a. meals served on a sandbar in the middle of the Indian Ocean; the Royal Estate Villa at the St. Regis Bora Bora, which offers butler service, private yacht trips and fireworks on the beach; and the Velassaru Maldives, whose Water Suite has an oversized infinity pool with panoramic views. Can you imagine waking up and just jumping in the sea, straight out of your bungalow? It would be so dreamy!

The Velassaru in the Maldives - unbelievable, right?

The Velassaru in the Maldives – unbelievable, right?

Can you see why we haven’t booked anything yet?! I’m torn. The fact is, we only get to do this honeymoon thing once, so it’s a huge decision. I want perfection!

So what do you think, A, B, C, D or E? Where did you go on your honeymoon? Does it even matter in the long run? 

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  • July 14, 2015

    So many options you have! I think this will be the big honeymoon and think of always having future mini honeymoons when you two take trips together. So exciting when it comes down to planning it. How long do you want to honeymoon for again – 1 or 2 weeks? If so, then E would be my #1 choice, C and B probably second and Hawaii after that. I think knock Florida off the list, it is the closest but you can leave that for other times. I think Hawaii and overwater bungalows would be worth it if you have more than 1 week to spend there. Subtract the travel time, you don’t want to be there for only a few days! October I think is a good shoulder month for Hawaii so you can possibly snag a better deal on that prestigious resort? Caribbean – quicker to fly back to Miami and take American Airlines to the islands. Jade Mountain has always looked stunning. Maldives is where I am going but it is a 2 day journey with mostly long layovers in Dubai and Oman (6-7 hours layover). Let’s see what everyone else has got! Can’t wait to hear which you picked!
    Angelica Wilk recently posted..Where to Find the Water Parks of Disney in Lake Buena Vista, FloridaMy Profile

  • July 14, 2015

    omg SO FUN! i am bookmarking this for my next vacation planning for an anniversary! if it were me, i would go with one of your caribbean options. i think it would be a nice balance between the familiar (florida and the bahamas) and a long flight (hawaii and far flung). i think it would be fun for y’all to experience somewhere new together, but also to not be exhausted getting to and from the location! i would do jade mountain!!!!! (i’ve heard amazing things about ladera in st. lucia too.) so excited for you! xo

  • July 14, 2015
    Ryan Levitt

    Your honeymoon should be about the time you spend together. And as someone who has travelled to so many places, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can spend time with each other more than some overwater bungalow. You will always have time to go to the Maldives. You won’t have the time back that you could have spent relaxing after the wedding chaos when you’re on flights for 24 hours to get there.

    I love the pics of the two of you together because it’s obvious you’re so in love. So my call is Bahamas or Florida. Try somewhere new. A new island or pocket of the State. Suitably luxurious and relaxing. But get the honeymoon started as soon as you can with as little expense as you need to shell out. (On a side note, the horror stories I have heard of couple who have broken up shortly after the wedding because they got into huge debt to pay for the big day. Avoid!!)

  • July 14, 2015
    Linda Bertino

    I suggest renting an island off the Florida Keys. I’m sure it will make for a special and memorable honeymoon.

  • July 17, 2015

    As Ryan said, your honeymoon should be about spending time together and you want as few headaches as possible. I’ll suggest another two islands: St. John (Caneel Bay resort) or Barbados (Sandy Lane or The Crane). All very relaxing and luxurious and, most importantly, close.

    We went on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon and had a blast. Eight years later, it is still one of our favorite trips.
    Christina S. recently posted..FriFotos: SummerMy Profile

  • July 18, 2015
    Kim Henrichs

    I say Maldives!!!!!

  • July 18, 2015

    I haven’t been to any of these destinations so I can’t advise on them, but I agree with everyone’s comments – why don’t you choose one place for the honeymoon and promise yourselves (and each other) to explore the others on mini-honeymoons, for anniversaries etc? I think whichever of these amazing locations you pick and as long as you’re together and have good weather, you will have the best time!
    Camille recently posted..Finding the Edge of Oslo on an Alternative TourMy Profile

  • July 18, 2015

    That photo of Jade Mountain made my heart go all aflutter! Those mountain views are pretty much my idea of heaven. Of course, you get similar views on Kauai, but St. Lucia is new and exciting, so that would have to be my choice. Bora Bora is a close second, but only because of how long it would take to get there! Good luck making your decision, I’m sure it will be perfect no matter where you go 🙂
    Leah recently posted..Friday Snapshots: Unexpected UlcinjMy Profile

  • July 20, 2015

    Diana Edelman recently posted..9 Things to Know About Expat LifeMy Profile

  • July 20, 2015

    Beautiful beach, romantic atmosphere, houses on stilts, once in a lifetime etc….Angie you need THIS PLACE

    The search is over. Then end. Enjoy!
    Abi recently posted..What to Pack for A Walking HolidayMy Profile

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