5 Inspiring & Hilarious Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

I am LOVING Instagram these days and I spend most of my social media time there (or on Pinterest now that I’m planning a wedding) because I love the easy interaction & connection. Mostly I follow travel accounts, but I’ve been doing my best to branch out into other niches lately.

Here are the five non-travel accounts that are inspiring me (or just making me snort with laughter) right now.

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Ida is a Norwegian food artist who creates the most adorable edibles. As someone who eats grapes, KitKats and whatever random nuggets I can find in the back of the fridge for most lunches, I’m impressed by Ida’s ability to whip up clever creations that are edible, healthy and quick. She says most of her daily meals are 10-15 minute jobs – what?! If I could create a literally smiling plate of healthy food to eat each day, imagine how much happier I’d be?

Check out Ida’s Art Toast Project, where she creates edible remakes of major works by famous artists, using a piece of toast as the canvas. 

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Photographer & supermom Angie Keiser curates this account for Sydney “Mayhem” Kaiser, the world’s most entrepreneurial 5-year-old. You may have seen this miniature mogul in Forbes, USA Today, the Today Show, E! Online, People, Mashable, Huffington Post, Vogue, Elle, ABC News, CBS This Morning, Glamour…

Her “As Seen On” resumé puts most veteran bloggers to shame.

So what’s so special about this kid that Glamour called the “Toast of Fashion Week?” Mayhem recreates red carpet looks using tissue paper, tape, craft supplies and her kid-sized mannequin – you have to see it to believe it.

And she’s FIVE. And she’s been making paper dresses since 2013.

If you weren’t feeling inadequate enough in your digital life, Mattel just designed a Mayhem Barbie and her J. Crew clothing line is coming out sometime this summer.

It probably goes without saying, but I want to be Mayhem when I grow up.

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You may recall that Kim Kardashian’s oiled up rump stole my birthday thunder last year, so it may come as a surprise that I’m recommending anything related to that media circus. This particular account features photos of the other half of the world’s most narcissistic couple, Yeezus, a.k.a. Kanye West.

He’s always brooding like a 13-year-old girl and this account captures some of his finest mood swings. Some snaps are pictures of his sad face superimposed into random situations – like ditch-digging, mail-delivering, etc., but others are actually Kanye just being Kanye… which is often even more bizarre and hilarious than the faux pics.

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If you’re confused about Instagram because all you see when you log on is duck lips and inane hashtags, this words-only account is for you. Rather than featuring actual photos, Insta-cliches are typed out for your scoffing pleasure. It’s good for the self-righteous iger who snorts with indignation every time a new photo of a Starbucks cup pops into the photo stream.

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Ok, ok, I had to include one travel account – but with a twist! Rather than the requisite HDR photos of puffy pink clouds and weathered monuments and wizened tribesmen from the middle of nowhere, this account highlights the misbehaving travelers you meet in transit. The barefoot jokers who treat airplanes like their living rooms, the rule-ignoring jerks who bring 9 carry-ons and take up all the overhead space — we’ve all met these clowns en route to points afar. It’s the perfect account to follow if you’ve ever sat next to someone on a plane who just didn’t behave – let the commiseration begin!

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Hey look – it’s me! I’m always looking for interesting new accounts to follow, so leave your handle & your favorite Instagram account in the comments and I’ll follow. =)

And check it out, I was on The Chat this week chatting about this very topic!

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