Impostor on the Loose! Beware of the FAKE Angie Away!

First Sony gets hacked, now Angie Away!

Cyber jerks are running amock this year, it seems. Actually, I haven’t been hacked per se, but as I explain in the video, I am being impersonated on the Internet. Such a peculiar badge of honor!

It’s been a while since anything weird happened, like getting drugged in Mexico, robbed in Athens, sitting on a snake on the toilet in Kenya or even just a good old-fashioned car theft. I suppose I was overdue for a new bizarre incident.

If you happen to receive an email from, please forward it to my real email address so I can pass along to investigators. Obviously I can’t say too much here, but it’s easy enough to track down crazy people if you have expert online fraud investigators in the family. Huzzah!

Thanks for your help & continued support!

Angie Away MediaPS – Has anything like this ever happened to you? I’ve had people pretend to be me on Twitter before, but this is a new one!

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